Resources for the Visopsys operating system

Remember to check out the VisopsysN distribution!

NOAPIC for Visopsys 0.75
Visopsys 0.75 introduced support for APIC. Unfortunately it does not work on some machines or emulators (notably QEMU), and there is no way to disable APIC when the kernel finds it.
You can get NOAPIC versions of the floppy, CD and USB images, and the kernel here.
Visopsys 0.75 NOAPIC floppy image
Visopsys 0.75 NOAPIC CDROM image
Visopsys 0.75 NOAPIC USB image
Visopsys 0.75 NOAPIC kernel
To compile a NOAPIC kernel yourself, comment the relevant line for the APIC driver in src/kernel/kernelDevice.c (just make a search for APIC in the file) in the sources and then build.

NineGB - Nintendo Game Boy emulator
Game Boy emulation arrives to Visopsys!
NineGB 0.1 - (Source code + Binary) (Screenshot)
NineGB currently (0.1, the latest version, that is) DOES NOT WORK on Visopsys versions newer than 0.73, only from 0.70 to 0.73.
This issue will be fixed in a later release.

Last updated: December 2nd, 2014
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