The Retro-Sonic Level Editor

TaxEd Level Editor

TaxAni Animation Editor

Palmtree Panic Act 1 Present, Sonic CD Green Hill Act 1, Sonic 1 Aquatic Ruin Act 1, Sonic 2
Dust Hill, Retro-Sonic SAGE 2006 Demo Egg Garden Act 2, Retro-Sonic SAGE 2007 Demo Sunset Shore Act 1, Sonic Nexus SAGE 2008 Demo

The TaxEd Suite is a suite of tools to modify RSDK (Retro Engine) based games.
Right now it is composed by:

Latest Release

0.9 -
Download here

Previous Releases

0.9-BETA - Download here

TaxEd is currently experimental, and may thus have outstanding issues.
Report any issues to my email
This software is open source and Java source code is included.

Last updated: July 2nd, 2014
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