PlayStation slide show generator

This page can generate a slide show program to be run on your PlayStation.

1) Upload the images you want in the slide show. You can upload up to five images.
Press the buttons + and - to respectively increase or decrease the number of images to insert in the slide show.

2) Press "Generate Slide Show" and wait while the program CDROM image is being generated

3) Download the ZIP archive containing the CDROM image for the program

4) Now you can run the CDROM image inside the ZIP archive either on real hardware which will require a means of running unofficial software, or on an emulator.

Images can be up to 320 pixels wide, and up to 240 pixels high.
Scaling will be implemented in next versions.

Image #1: Title:
Slide show author:
Video Mode: PAL NTSC
License: Europe USA Japan

Slide show controls:
LEFT - Previous image
RIGHT - Next image
X ("cross") - Toggle information display on/off

This software is based completely on open source material.
The slide show program was developed and compiled by using (my own) PSXSDK.
The license files used to license the CDROM image to make it start on a real PlayStation system were altered in order to show clearly that this product is not officially sanctioned.
Other data was kept in order to satisfy the interoperability requirements with no intent to infringe.
I can be contacted via email at this address.
Made by Giuseppe Gatta

You can download the source code here.

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