The easy to use BDF font library

nvBDFlib is an easy to use library, written in C, for handling BDF (Bitmap Distribution Format) font files.
It is especially useful when you need to draw using a nice font, but you do not want the complexity brought by more feature-laden libraries like FreeType.

The nvBDFlib API is very simple, you just need to provide a callback function to do the actual drawing, and mostly everything else is managed by the library - forget messing around for hours trying to use a complex font library just because you did not want to use that monospaced 8x8 font!
Moreover, nvBDFlib doesn't depend on anything but on the standard C library, so you can avoid dependency hell.

The usage of this library can be schematized in the following steps:

An example application, bdfbanner, is included with the distribution.


nvBDFlib 1.0, released on July 9th 2014


This library is released under the "three clauses" BSD license

Last updated: July 9th, 2014
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