Insides of the case:
Image #1
This photo wasn't well made, so it's very shattered.

Insides of the case #2:
Image #2
Further image of the insides of the case:
Image #3
Insides of the case #4:
Image #4
Motherboard photo #1:
MB Photo #1
The soldered chip in the middle-left part of this photo is the AMD 386SX-40 CPU.

EXTLinux booted from floppy:
Linux using cdrom as root:
Linux using cdrom as root
This was one of my experiments, but it failed. 4MB of RAM memory aren't enough to use the cdrom as root on Linux, it seems.
Using Linux with 4MB on hard disk is perfectly possible, though, but I didn't have it installed at the time I shot these photos.

Here's a photo of the case:
It looks very hackish because it's an ATX case, and so it can't start up the motherboard (that uses the AT standard), and to start it I need an external button which hangs out of the case. Resetting is done directly from the case, anyway.
And I got the case exactly like that, so that's the other reason which makes it hackish. :P

Tails92, October 11th 2008