Tron clone written in Java

JTron is a simple Tron clone implemented in the Java programming language, in which there are two players and each player is a luminous trail that moves continuously along the plane, and in which the loser is the one who collides with the other player's trail or the boundaries of the game plane.

There is also a yellow bonus item that appears intermittently on the screen that will shorten the trail of the player who collects it.

This simple game was originally an assignment for an elective university course called "Java Advanced Programming Techniques", held for the Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at the University of Salerno.
As such, you will find that most comments in the source code are in Italian and not in English; every symbol name is in English, though, and self-explaining, so people who do not know Italian will not have problems when looking at the source code.



Player One

UP - Move up
DOWN - Move down
LEFT - Move left
RIGHT - Move right

Player Two

W - Move up
S - Move down
A - Move left
D - Move right

This game is placed in the Public Domain, and I hereby renounce to every right I may legally have as an author.
Feel free to use it as you please!


Version 1.0 (Java source code + precompiled JAR archive)

by Giuseppe Gatta (nextvolume), tails92@gmail.com
Last updated: February 4th, 2014
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