Miscellaneous stuff

Some information about some old Olivetti computers
Mostly power supply pinout information for them. Almost unfindable nowadays.

Information about an old 386 PC I had
This a re-upload. That computer has been long dead, but interesting nonetheless.

Hacking the Termtek TK-635 color terminal
The results of my tinkering with the device.

Rant Generator
A simple rant generator that I updated and ported to Java and PHP.

TinyBasic for the PlayStation
A port of TinyBasic to the Sony Playstation.

NES Emulator for the Megadrive
NES Emulator the Megadrive. For real(TM).

JTron - a Tron-like videogame written in Java
A Tron clone I originally wrote as an university assignment.

Last updated: February 4th, 2014