MegaDrive controllers with Saturn games

MDPatcher patches SEGA Saturn games in order to make them compatible with SEGA Megadrive/Genesis controllers.
It is a little known fact but the SEGA Saturn was designed to also accept Megadrive controllers - but no official adapter was ever released.
It is possible to connect one to a Saturn by making a custom adapter (shown in the ReadMe inside the release archive).

Not much Saturn software works with the Megadrive controller out of the box, but luckily the Saturn BIOS does and most software developed by using the SGL library appears to, as well.
The rule of thumb is to first test whether the game works without any modification, and if it does not, then attempt to patch it.
MDPatcher automates the process but it does not work with all games; it works by finding known code in the games and by patching it tricking the games into believing that a normal Saturn controller is being used.
There is still a lot of work to do to add more code patterns to be detected by this program.

To run MDPatcher you will need to have the .NET Runtime installed if you are on Windows, or Mono on other operating systems.


MDPatcher 1.0, released on February 20th 2017


This program is released under the "three clauses" BSD license

Last updated: February 20th, 2017
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