FM MIDI music player

fmmidi is a player for Standard MIDI music file(s). It emulates the Yamaha YM2608 FM synthesizer and it uses this emulation to play the musics in MIDI format.

Many MIDI players since the late 1990s do not use (or emulate) FM synthesis and instead use prerecorded samples for instruments. These are called "wavetable" players.

fmmidi on the other hand, emulating FM synthesis, generates sound waves at real time. This makes music played using fmmidi sound more electronic compared to when it is played using wavetable players.

fmmidi implements the MIDI specification up to the Yamaha XG commands.

The original program was written in C++ for Windows by yuno in 2004.

A version for the Mac OS X operating system, along with a version converted to the Java programming language, followed some time later. All these versions used a graphical user interface.

The version on this page is based on the Mac OS X version, and has Curses and command line interfaces, supporting libao, BSD audio and QNX audio as sound output methods; this program should run on most common platforms.



fmmidi 1.0.1, released on May 28th, 2016

Old releases

fmmidi 1.0, released on February 25th 2015


This program is released under the "three clauses" BSD license


Webpage of the original version

Last updated: May 28th, 2016
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